Other Products

Solar Inverters

The SMA, Goodwe, Solis are the world’s leading solar inverter manufacturers with highest level of technology and innovation.

Solar Modules

Jinko, Trina solar offers Monocrystalline half cut solar modules from China. With the value added modules, you rely on the perfect solution for your needs.

DC Cables

Solar installations are carried out using solar DC Cables which are recommended for Solar Systems which are UV resistant, robust and minimizes oxidation.

Mounting Structure

Anodized Aluminium components will be used with stainless steel nuts and bolts for a corrosion free installation.

Switchgear (AC/DC)

Surge arrestors, isolators, MCB, IP65 rated boxes will be used for the protection of the inverter from both AC and DC voltage spikes.


Also a separate earth for Solar PV System along with equipotential bonding will be carried for the solar PV panels, mounting structure, inverter and surge arresters.